Sunday, October 12, 2008

She's One Of The Folks

Have you seen the newest cover of Newsweek yet? If you haven't you might be shocked to find that *gasp* the photo of Sarah Palin, a former beauty contestant, doesn't make her look completely blemish-free and physically perfect! Yes it seems that the liberal media is at it again and not only are they trying to sink the McCain/Palin ticket with less than Aphrodite quality photography of the woman but they're also hitting her well below the belt by having the audacity to point out in the accompanying article that yes, she is indeed woefully unqualified for the office of the vice-presidency.

As we've seen time and time again, any news organization that runs any type of story that is not a glowing endorsement of John McCain and his folksy (that's suddenly a bad word now?) running mate is automatically in the tank for the Obama campaign; fortunately the fair and balanced crew at FOX News is on the case:

Call me sexist if you will but am I the only one to notice that the two women in this clip who are pretty damn hot by any of our society's standards (I would personally kill many men for a chance to sleep with Megyn Kelly) are crying and whining about how the hot chick who's adored by millions of voters (many for the same shallow, physical reasons I wanna get with Megyn) is receiving a bum rap in our appearance obsessed society while the fat chick from American University is the only one defending her inherent beauty and the "natural" look?

I have the same response for these two that I have for stuck up bitches who complain about having to buy their own drinks when they go out to clubs: FUCK YOU! Joe Biden looks like Jimmy Buffett with bad doll's hair plugs and nobody is complaining about when he looks bad in pictures (in fact, the right loves to harp on this fact) but the beauty queen shows some wrinkles in her mid-forties and there is now yet one more media conspiracy against her. 22 days left.

(hat tip: Doug E)


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here as well: there's very little you can do to make Sarah Palin look unattractive. Makeup, airbrushing or otherwise.

Doug"e" said...

Sometimes beauty is best enjoyed at a distance. You get too close and you start to notice all the imperfections. The " Statue of Liberty" is an awe inspiring site when viewed from afar. It's only when you get real close does she turn into an amalgam of green rust and rivets. Since the "divine Miss Palin" will not sit down for a press conference, us voters can only make conjectures about her inner beauty. And as Naomi Wolf has famously written "beauty is a MYTH" for which I might add has a definite expiration date much like a carton of milk. And since I am being asked to vote for her on the basis of "the gift wrap" and not be able to see what's inside I choose to view this "pitbull with lipstick" from afar. ( And please I mean no disrespect to pitbulls)
So come Nov. 5th I hope she hops on her boytoy's seaplane back to Alaska and recedes to some future generations knowledge as the answer to a trivia question. Hmmm, I can not see Alaska from my house and that's just fine by me.