Monday, October 27, 2008

Under The Clouds Of War

So it seems that I am the subject, at least in part, of a post at a right-wing political blog called American Power:

I've got a new regular visitor from the leftosphere, James at Brain Rage, who apparently applauds the politics of gutter video-attacks like the one found in "Red, White and MILF."

With all due respect, that's not parody but demonization.
Apparently he's very upset about my post of a harmless song making fun of Sarah Palin's staggering lack of political competence while also celebrating her obvious physical assets; I think he's one of those "sensitive" serious guys, with all due respect.

I've stopped by his site a few times to light-heartedly spar intellectually and philosophically with some of the regulars although I don't know if they would classify our exchanges as "light-hearted"; I've already been called "sick", "lost", "sexist", "a self-described 'intellectual elitist' who is actually just a secular pseudo-intellectual who uses his thesaurus to show how smart he is", "dumb as a box of rocks", and "Jim" (that's the only one that really bugged me but to be fair that guy was agreeing with me; oh, and I don't own a thesaurus: this is just how I speak).

The site is run by a guy named Donald Douglas who posts under the name Americaneocon, an associate professor of political science at a community college in Southern California who has been dropping by my site and making the occasional comment; Don strikes me as a typical righty in the blogosphere: pretty much sold on his side's particular narrative and talking points but not an altogether despicable fellow to debate with.

So I guess he deemed my reply to his reply to my reply to his etc. to my comment on one of his posts too long to address outside of a blog post and then basically challenged me to a blog war if I so chose; I've never participated in a blog war before but they look like fun on some of the sites I read so I was considering taking him up on it when I saw that he had invoked my name in his latest post. As I said, I'm a neophyte to this type of engagement but I assume that I can consider that action his opening salvo, or at least a rhetorical declaration of war on his part.

So let this be my unequivocal reply: have at you, sir! I don't plan to focus a great deal of energy on this endeavour but hopefully it will prove to be an interesting exercise, or at least an entertaining one. I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, Don; prepare yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'm superfly TNT, I'm the guns of the Navarone!

Anonymous said...

Blog wars are stimulating, JBW.

Although, I don't think you were the "subject" of the post, but your spin on MILF provided a nice introduction to the Democratic values theme I'm develping.

JBW said...

Obviously I wasn't the subject but being new to the blogosphere and that being the first time I've been mentioned by name in someone else's post I indulged myself, being careful to include the words "at least in part" when you replied as such.

Anonymous said...

If there's ANYTHING that James is, it's sexist and intellectually elite. Unfortunately, he's also difficult to joke about behind his back because he's pop-culturally savvy as well. He frequently borders on being "sold on his side's particular narrative and talking points", but will come to a middle ground on enough topics that you can't label him outright.

As one who knows James fairly well, I typically root for his demise in a debate no matter if I agree with him or not. Good luck, Donald. It is needed.

JBW said...

One L, that entire screed is one of the most complimentary things I have ever read about myself. Truly, you make me blush, brother.