Monday, February 23, 2009

Alan Keyes: Right Wing Nutball

If you don't know anything about Alan Keyes here are the pertinent facts: he has run for president three times (unsuccessfully, obviously), he has run for the US Senate three times (unsuccessfully, although probably not as obviously), in 2005 his daughter Maya came out as a lesbian and said this to a D.C. news publication in response to rumors that her father had cut her off financially and that she was now homeless as a result:

"It doesn't make much sense for him to be [financially] supporting someone who is working against what he believes in...Technically speaking, I don't have anywhere to go. I have lots of friends and I could probably go crash with them. I'm going back to Chicago and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do when I get there. I have no place to live there, but there have been people offering to help me find housing, offering to let me stay with them for a little while until I figure things out. I don't have an official place to live but I really doubt that I will be spending much time wandering the sidewalks."
He's also one of about three black men who are still members of the Republican party (the other two being Michael Steele and Larry Elder) and he lost an Illinois Senate election to Barack Obama, so of course we should believe everything the guy says, no matter how shithouse crazy it is, right?:

Decide for yourselves:
Yes, this is the face of the modern Republican party. It would be a bit funnier if it weren't so tragic, huh?


Anonymous said...

Here's the version from Countdown. I love the part where Keyes is talking about the Kenyan birth and says, "No, that's not a laughing matter." Apparently, the interviewer or cameraman couldn't contain themselves. Can you blame them? I would have be ROFLMAO, as the kids used to say.

No offense Philippe, but I'd say Alan Keyes' grasp of economics is about as strong as his grasp of reality. I am confident that Obama is getting economic advice from people whose specialty is economics. Keyes' specialty seems to be running losing political campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Philippe, but most of us disagree with you and Dr. Keyes:

Head-to-head, though, Americans are putting far more faith in Obama than in congressional Republicans: 61 percent said they trust Obama more than the GOP when it comes to economic matters, just 26 percent side with the Republicans in Congress. Obama's advantage on that question is bigger than George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or George H.W. Bush ever had over the opposition party in the legislature on dealing with the economy.

Overall, Democrats maintain a nearly 2 to 1 edge over Republicans as the party Americans prefer to confront "the big issues" over the next few years.

Van Zan said...

So Keyes would disown his daughter over her sexual orientation...?
His own child.
...for her feelings of love and desire.
Oh such warmth. Such willingness to understand his child. Such loyalty to his own family.

Now consider what he - and loopy twits like him - would cheerfully do to the rest of us...
Just imagine...
... the single-minded, 'fuck-you' mentality with which he would go about his political agenda, given the chance.
And what does hardline conservatism stand for now but an endless litany of 'fuck-you's?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the clip, Philippe. But, usually they compare making legislation to making sausage, not sushi. Good to know we're not engineers anyway.