Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tyler Durden Interrupts Super Bowl

This probably won't go down in history as famously as the Heidi Game but it's still damn funny:

Tucson, Arizona was probably not the best place to watch the game last night. Partly because of the disappointing result, but mostly because of the huge, flapping penis.

With under three minutes left and just after Larry Fitzgerald's heroic comeback(ish) touchdown for the Cardinals, the video feed abruptly switched to a scene from stablemate channel Club Jenna, treating viewers to the sight of seemingly omnipresent porn guy Evan Stone swinging his junk around like a maniac. This interlude lasted about 30 seconds.

Comcast told the Arizona Daily Star that engineers have been "working throughout the night" to figure out what happened, but haven't yet come up with an explanation. It could have been a simple case of human error, but given just how wrong it all went, I'd put my money on a disgruntled outgoing employee.
You can watch the video of the incident at the link. To be honest, it's a fairly benign section of a porno but there is a lot of shlong swinging so it's obvious that it would offend a significant portion of uptight America. Sad, really. But this quote in the sixth comment at the site is what really made me love this story (and if you've never watched Fight Club go out and rent it before you read this):
Edward Norton Narrating: So when the snooty cat, and the courageous dog, with the celebrity voices meet for the first time in reel three, that's when you'll catch a flash of Tyler's contribution to the Superbowl

Tyler Durden: A nice, big cock...

But the coup de grĂ¢ce for the day, and I swear that this is actually true: the wife of one of my buddies who came over to watch the game asked if she could borrow my Fight Club DVD when they were leaving. Prescient much, Cindy Lou?

[Update: When I wrote this post last night I hadn't checked my email since morning but it seems that one of my sisters had already sent me the info. So:

(retroactive hat tip: Shannon)]


Anonymous said...

Where's my hat tip?

JBW said...

I just saw your email after reading your question. The hat has been tipped, retroactively. You know me so well.

Van Zan said...

Just bit of light relief after all that work of creating the financial crisis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks James!