Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ebbing Of American Power

I haven't journeyed over to the domain of my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas for quite a while because frankly I just became bored with the cliched arguments being spouted by Don and his scarily committed acolytes again. You can only bang your head against the stupid wall for so long before you just stop caring. But I decided to check in last night to see if anything caught my interest and aside from noticing that most of my fellow commie liberal nihilists have also seemingly taken a break from Don's particular brand of social commentary (the number of comments appears to have lowered drastically as of late) this was the only recent post I found at all entertaining, entitled "Sexual Subtext In Obamessianism" in which he examines the conservative penchant for "ridiculing the Democratic-left for its freaky cult of Obama".

It's pretty much just another one of his cut and paste jobs mocking a few obsessed female nuts on the left as typical of everyone who supported Obama in the last election but what I find so funny about this meme being spouted by the right decrying Obama supporters as unthinking worshippers is that the people making these accusations are usually the same conservative sheep who jerk off every night to pictures of their own political sex symbol, Ronald Reagan. Have you ever listened to these loons and the way they idolize and slobber all over this guy? Their collective Reagan fetishism is damn near certifiable.

Oh, and the cherry on this mostly nuts sundae? This comment by Red, White and Blue Patriot, one of Don's regular conservative readers:

It just a bunch of White Women. Hell I don't know what they see in black men. I'll admit if a guy is good lookin' or not(not a in queer way), but in my time I have yet to see a good lookin' brother.
Now I'm not saying that all of Don's right-wing readers, or conservatives in general, are all racist gay-bashers, merely that this particular asshole is (the latest post at his own site is about deporting "fags" and "filthy Mexicans"; seriously). But if you're a conservative you also have to ask yourself: why does the Republican party attract so many people like this? And do you really want them on your team? I realize that things probably look pretty bleak and lonely out there in the wilderness right now but allow me to posit that it's precisely because your party has callously and hypocritically embraced these people in the past that you are now so out of favor with the American electorate. I'll say it again: Palin-Limbaugh in 2012! Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

And do you really want them on your team?

I think they're like the fat kid, they're the last ones picked.

BTW, nice going with that Reagan pic, you dirty hippie. I see you cropped the halo off.

AmPowerBlog said...

I just as turned off by that comment as you, but really, Judith Warner and all that Obama love ... well, you can't make that stuff up.

JBW said...

I believe you, Don. I also couldn't help noticing that you neither removed the comment nor condemned it, and this isn't the first time with this guy. It would seem that you find my own cursing far more objectionable than this fellow's racist gay-bashing but as I always say: it's your site.

And yes, I agree: those Obama people are nuts. It's almost as if there are crazy people on every side of an argument, huh?

DLB, having the fat kid on your team can work if you just use him effectively, which the GOP seems to have done quite well in the past with it's homophobic, racist element.

And I would never desecrate a photo of The Forgetful One (can we make that Reagan's new nickname to counter theirs for Obama? Instead of "I know kung fu" he can say "I know voodoo...economics".) lest he use his Reagan powers to destroy me from the top down.

Anonymous said...

You have noticed since "The Donald" banned me interest in his inferior blog has waned. Now his only fans are mostly the republican party base of bigots, homophobes and idiots.

Forgot to sign in. Please don't ban me.

JBW said...

T101, are you saying that you were the driving force behind the cacophony of dissent at Don's blog? Cause if I don't get my due, you'll be banned faster than you can not believe in anything, pal.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Hey Brother: The Donald told me to kiss his ass and then banned ME.
He rolls out the red carpet for you.
I'll give you proper homage though JBW. I say without reservation you are if not the best, one of the best bloggers I've ever read. But when it comes to spreading truth, wisdom and pissing off right wingers, Old Truth 101 is still the man.

JBW said...

LOL. Wasn't trying to steal your thunder or fish for compliments T101 but I'll certainly take one, thanks. I forget: what exactly did you say to get your ass banned?

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

This is what the Donald posted at my site:

"Donald Douglas said...

Stop visiting my blog. You and your insults are not welcome there.

January 29, 2009 7:28 PM"

I think the last straw for him was when he cut and pasted some phony right wing poll and I asked what deluded right wing site he got it from. Then I questioned his integrity along with asking him if he still had the Cracker Jack box he got his diploma from.

You don't think I was out of line, do you?

Don't ban me Bro! Don't ban me!

JBW said...

Honestly: were I Don I would probably have been upset about the cracker jack slam but other than that it sounds like he's just being overly-sensitive and sulky.

Don't sweat it though dude, I don't even comment there much anymore and when I do it's just mostly to mock the small-minded. I've given up on finding honest debate with Don and his minions.

Van Zan said...

I haven't commented on American Power for some time and I have drifted away from even looking at it.

I gave it more than a fair shake as a potential site for discussion, but it's just a propaganda site now, frequented by loons who have a reality-deficient understanding of the world. Last time I looked someone was talking up donating money to the British National Front which is an offshoot from the British Union of Fascists, but heaven forbid you say something positive about Obama...

It's alright. Plenty of worthwhile places on the net to go to instead.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Considering leaving college early was one of my three regrets in life and the high regard I hold for all who stuck it out, I probably shouldn't have posted the cracker jack comment. I stand firmly behind all the other insults I heaped on The Donald.