Monday, February 23, 2009

The Internet: An Observation

This little blog of mine usually averages about 50 hits a day between the regular readers and random Internet traffic but over the past three days that meager traffic has doubled and today will likely triple or more because of the image above. For some reason people have been coming here in relative droves for this picture of Vince the Shamwow guy. Yesterday if you looked for "Shamwow" in Google images it was the second image to come up; today it is the first. A few days ago I figured that someone had linked to my previous post using the picture but now I think that there are just that many people looking for an image of this weirdo and that mine has become a popular one. I know that this is all done using mathematics and algorithms and stuff like that but I just found it interesting, like having a digital finger on the insipid, invisible pulse of pop culture.

[Update: So it appears that someone at StumbleUpon has added my original Shamwow post to their celebrities topic, giving this site almost 800 over 1000 hits so far today. This is the second time one of my posts has been added to their site, the first being about the NOT Sarah Palin inflatable love doll. Amazing what people find entertaining, huh?]


Anonymous said...

Shamwow guy?

I missed the left turn in Albuquerque.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You know, in the early 80's I had a gig like Vince's. Only I was demonstrating and selling necklaces. I dig this guys program.

Anonymous said...


As you have shown here, its not that difficult to increase traffic to your blog.

Case in Point: Is there a reason why the "PRofessor" was so carried away by the Oscars or was it just an attempt to increase readership to his blog? Just a thought

JBW said...

CS, the narrative on the right is one of anti-Hollywood so I would assume that the attempt is in the same vein as his recent posting pictures of hot chicks.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

He can post all the hot chicks he wants. I won't return until the Nutty Professor apologises. Good news for you JBW. Means I can spend more time here buddy.

JBW said...

Bring your friends, T101! Glad to have you contributing here, as always. And where'd you find that cool new avatar?