Monday, February 2, 2009

The Right Wants To Get Righter

Eric Kleefeld at Talking Points Memo sees a flaw in what could be the GOP's next strategy:

A new Rasmussen poll further demonstrates that the GOP could be in for a long stretch in the wilderness: A majority of GOP voters now say that the party should be more like Sarah Palin.

The numbers: 55% of Republicans say the party should be like Palin, compared to 24% who say they should be like John McCain.

As I've previously noted, poll data like this could indicate that the Republican Party is getting ready to relive the classic cycle of ruling parties who get turned out of power in a landslide: With the party base itself shrunk down, the people who are still around are the most hard-line members, and are really the least fit people to fix the situation.

I find it hard to believe how many on the right are still blaming their loss in the last election on not being right enough, as if being more and more conservative is going to bring you closer to the norm in America. This is a center-left country and being able to recognize and understand that from the right is the difference between a savvy politician and an unthinking ideologue.


Anonymous said...

The Republican party abandoned conservative principles during the Reagan administration. It might help if they would begin to accept that, and stop lionizing him.

Which step is denial?

JoMala "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Sorry DLB. I never was able to make myself believe Reagan was nothing more than a jive turkey that could deliver a speech. For all his chants about less government and low taxes and wrapping himself in the Snuggie of patriotism, Our Country was f'ed up during his presidency. Most of my friends had to work two jobs because full time work was eliminated by employers to save on benefits. The friends of mine that graduated college ended up in jobs paying $200 a week to work 80 hours. If Reagan's "conservative principle" was simply screwing working Americans over, the Republicans have not abandoned him.

Anonymous said...

GAwd dang it, you nihilists adhore irrationalism in argument. I abhore it.

JBW said...

"the Snuggie of patriotism". Awesome.

Van Zan said...

I too am puzzled sometimes at the Reagan myth.

What I remember is we came closer to annihilation that at any time since Kennedy. I remember Iran Contra. I remember El Salvadorian death squads operating with de facto legitimacy that they were suppressing communism, against which Reagan paranoia was already an anachronism. Talking up Ferdinand Marcos even as his regime in the Philippines was bulging with corruption and the US delegation were denouncing the official '86 election results. More than quadrupled (!) national debt which even Reagan acknowledged as a bit of fuckup. Bush senior raised taxes after that ("read my lips..."). Grenada as distracter for the pullout from Lebanon. etc etc

More than 50% disapproval around 82-83 when unemployment was the worst since the 1930's.

And "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."
they heard that Ron... terrific

JoMala "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I thought about copywriting the snuggie comment. But I thought it would be better if I just considered it my contribution to making the world more perfect.