Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cartoon Of The Day

Um, kettle? This is pot: you're black.


AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: I just saw your comment at American Nihilist about "crying and whining..."

Eh, it's not me who's posting the phone numbers of opponent bloggers' employment online. If you're okay with that, you're as totalitarian as I've said all along regarding Obamessianism.

JBW said...

Don, did I post your boss's phone number online? Was it done on my site, or any other site I have control over? If these people you're feuding with have been "reduced to pure babbling incoherence in failed attempts at intellectual parry" then why do you even give a damn what they're saying over at AN? But as long as we're discussing what we're each OK with...

I've been called a retard, an idiot, an asshole and worse by your "dear readers" and you've never said shit. I was insulted anonymously a few weeks back by one of your regular readers who admitted to doing so because they didn't want me to know who they were. Again, nothing from you despite your stated policy of deleting anonymous comments (which apparently only applies when their views differ from your own).

When I defended myself by declaring that commenting anonymously or even with a clever nickname and avatar was cowardly, I was again excoriated by another of your readers and this time you backed him up and flippantly accused me of being subject to "Obamessianism", just as you did above.

So now I see that in a recent post you've made the exact same accusation, saying "each and every one of my antagonists goes by an anonymous online handle. Now that's cowardly." And what do you do? You come to my site, one of the few "nihilist leftists" who doesn't hide my identity when commenting at your site, to talk shit to me? For an offhand comment I left on a website you've repeatedly dismissed as irrelevant and beneath you?

Fuck. You. You don't like what's going on at some other website, don't come crying to me, pal. I've never written anything on my site nor encouraged anyone else to screw with your job and if that's happening somewhere else it's neither my responsibility nor my obligation to denounce it or stop it. I'm nobody's father and the only actions and words I have to defend are my own.

And now that I think about it: why the hell do you care what I think or say about you anyway? According to almost everything you write my views and beliefs are exactly what's destroying America from the inside out, so why the need to come here and confront me? Just dismiss me out of turn or ban me from your site or insult my intelligence and then go back to your inane prattling about me and my liberal ilk.

I mean, do you think I really give two shits about your blog? I only started visiting because you came here first and I visit mainly for the entertainment value because I learned long ago not to expect reasoned debate or civil discussion from your sycophantic readers. If you stopped writing tomorrow I'd still have a few hundred thousand right-wing loons to choose from spouting the exact same RNC talking points pablum you write every day.

So if you're now going to cry and whine about things I've written on other sites, either reply to what I've written on the same thread or just hold your damn fool tongue. Either way, don't come into my house and start telling me what's what because I am definitely not in the mood.