Friday, February 19, 2010

Something Hilarious Someone Else Said

"Pure toxic evil, mark my words.

Indeed, all of these people are unprincipled bullies, the lot of them, a rogue demonology detachment of the first order: Captain Fogg, Comrade Repsac3, David Hillman, Green Eagle, James B. Webb, TNLib, RockyNC, and TRUTH 101." -My conservative counterpart Donald Douglas of American Power, writing in his trademark hyperbolic style whilst also in his ever-perpetual Sarah Palin victim mode about some innocuous yet apparently also heinous slight he claims to have incurred recently.

Personally, I think that's some fine company I find myself in. And poor little Don, completely surrounded by hordes of nihilistic enemies with only himself and a few other brave and noble neocon bloggers to stave off the American Armageddon being carried out by the Dark Overlord Obama, with the explicit approval and collaboration of the liberal mainstream media and blogosphere of course. I've never felt like much of a persecuted victim myself but I would imagine that constantly living one's life like this must be quite the mental and emotional burden, as it's clearly taken a toll on my good buddy Don here's faculties. At least he remembered my middle initial this time, although I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't at the top of his newest enemies list. I wonder if Nixon organized his list alphabetically as well? Regardless, keep up that good crazy, Don; as always, at least you're still good for a laugh.

[Update: It appears that Don also once again insinuated that I'm gay for no good reason a few days ago and I just flat out missed it at the time. As always, well played sir! How does one possibly defend oneself from such devastating word play? Perhaps I should take down my picture at the top of the sidebar above; I think my "come hither partyboy look" is making Don feel all warm and funny in his pants again.]


Anonymous said...

Does Donald Douglas=Robert Neville?

I really like his logo though. It's very nice... though the barcode gives me the chills.
logo link

JBW said...

If becoming a caricature of oneself is legendary one L, then perhaps it does. I like the logo too, but we all know that real men design and make their own.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

While Don's reputation sinks further into the abyss of insanity, your's continues to grow JBW. My boy who idolizes you just came home sporting his new earring and JBW haircut.

His girlfriend digs the look. At least the one he allows to be seen in public with him. I told him to stay away from Long Beach California though. There's a nutty junior college professor named Donald Douglas who might take a fancy to him.

sterling said...

The idea that he is holed up in a shack, defending himself against an America of vicious liberals, really drew a lot of comparisons for me... and it's all much ado about nothing.

JBW said...

I always mean this when I say it, T101: Your boy sounds like a pretty bright kid. Tell him to be careful when it comes to keeping multiple girlfriends, however; it was ultimately Tiger's undoing.

JBW said...

This post was just a taste of Don's persecution complex and paranoia one L, you have to read some of his longer, much more bold face caps and exclamation point ridden screeds to get a true appreciation for what kind of besieged victims he and his readers consider themselves.

The whole mantra of "conservatives always do _______ while liberals never do _______ and vice versa" is taken to a new level. It's why I describe him and his acolytes as caricatures of who they think they are. It's also why they make such an effort to portray all Obama supporters as unthinking worshipers and idolaters: to balance out their own extremism.

But as I say, not to be taken too seriously and always good for a laugh.