Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Collector Coins A Scam: No Shit?

Man, collectible coins and plates always seemed like such a great investment. Oh, wait:

You may have seen the commercial where Montel Williams hawks some goofy collectible coins with President Obama's face IN FULL COLOR OMG. If you were planning on ordering some, though, watch this video from KATU 2 TV in Portland, Oregon first.* A father and daughter bought the coins and discovered that they're just regular money with color stickers applied. One of the news anchors even comments that she could see the face on the coin through the sticker when she looked at it from the side.

The company that's scamming them, U.S. Coin Network (uscoinnetwork.com and obamacoincollection.com), won't let them cancel the remaining orders they placed that haven't shipped yet, either.

I'm all for hope and change and even blatant capitalism during an Obama administration but seriously: if you buy something this stupid from a late-night infomercial you deserve to be screwed, and I don't foresee any government bailouts on the horizon for your dumb ass either.


Anonymous said...

My beautiful wife had a very astute comment tonight. I'm a little ashamed I didn't realize it first. It appears more than infomercials are capitalizing on our new President. I've REALLY liked Pepsi's new look for their cans. It is so clean and modern. True greatness. Initially I was indifferent towards their tweaked logo, but lately the logo has actually grown on me even more than the cans. At first I only associated the new Pepsi logo with the new at&t logo. Both are modernized, dynamic versions of classicly recognized logos. I figured Pepsi saw the success at&t was having with theirs and decided to join in on the fun. Now I'm starting to wonder if they didn't decide to mimic Obama's campaign logo and cash in while the pot is full.

See here.

Oh, and somebody else profiteering off Obama's brand is Barack himself. Why the hell does he still need a donation page?

JBW said...

one L, your wife sounds pretty smart. I'll bet she comes from good stock.

I saw a Pepsi commercial that featured the new logo and the word "hope" on one of the cable news channels after Obama had been declared the winner on election night that I assumed was nothing but a blatant attempt to capitalize on his popularity. That's capitalism for you.

I assume the donations are for doling out to other Democrats in 2010 and for his own reelection campaign way off in 2012. Again, that's capitalism for you, with a little democracy thrown in for good measure.