Monday, February 16, 2009

Something Treasonous Someone Else Said

"I want everything he's doing to fail... I want the stimulus package to fail.... I do not want this to succeed." -Rush Limbaugh, on President Obama and the new economic stimulus package

As we've recently seen, Limbaugh and the Republicans have obviously decided to put party and ideology well before country and reality, so much so that they are now at the point of rooting against the economic recovery of the United States of America unless it happens under their watch and by their rules. This is rank, callous partisanship and it's tearing our country apart. Anyone who claims that they're just standing behind what they believe at this point is either a complete moron or a fucking liar.

(via The Daily Dish)


Trashman said...

And Hussein is a muslim and a socialist.

JBW said...

Brilliant commentary from the right, as always Trash. You're representing your side as eloquently as I've come to expect. Well done.

Van Zan said...

Even if President Obama was a Muslim - which in point of fact he is not - there would be nothing wrong with that.

Trash, when you use the term as a slur, you're spitting on the graves of men and women who have died in defense of your country. Do you sleep well with that? Some people do, because they are unpatriotic and bigoted, and are chickenshits who do not stand up for the rights of their fellow citizens.

You're not that kind of guy are you?

Trashman said...

Van Zan What makes you think I used muslim as a slur? I just pointed out that he's in bed with the enemy. I served my country, quite well. I have the records to prove it. I'm not unpatriotic, maybe a little bigoted, chickenshit never. I'll stand up for my country and fellow citizens. That's why I'm against Husseins socialist ways.

JBW said...

Trash, no one's questioning the proof of your service to your country, just the validity of your accusations against President Obama. There were a lot of Japanese folks in America when we fought that country and it turned out that calling all Japanese people "the enemy" was a mistake.

And I would think that an admission that you are "a little bigoted" would make it clear to you that you did indeed use the word "Muslim" as a smear. Fortunately I don't consider that word any more a smear than Christian or Hindu. I assume that you disagree with me.

Anonymous said...

We need success from this government at all costs. I don't care what your political or religious affiliations are.