Monday, March 8, 2010

Something Pretentious Someone Else Said

"Notice how the film [The Hurt Locker] is described as a "little seen drama." But in my case, it's one of the films I made sure to see. The other was "Precious," which also did very well last night, for example, with Mo'Nique taking the best [Supporting] actress award. I think, in my movie-going, I seek out genuine meaning in film beyond entertainment, which is why I caught both of the productions at the theater. "Hurt Locker" and "Precious" are of course both riveting productions. But they're also films that speak to us at a deeper level than is common in what goes for popular movie culture. And by that I mean that popular culture of leftist media indoctrination or uber-commercialization that truncates real thinking." -Donald Douglas, American Power.

Translation: "I make more of an effort to watch films of real cultural and artistic merit than the rest of you dilettantes. The popular movies that most of you watch are part of some nebulous liberal plot to radically transform and destroy society that only ideological wingnuts like myself can perceive, and you're all fools and chumps for mindlessly enjoying what I claim not to. Now I'm going to eat another bucket of heavily buttered movie theatre popcorn. And some Mike and Ikes. And some nachos. And a jar of mayonnaise." Don Douglas, neocon movie critic, literally living large. Just kidding Don, you know I love you.


magpie said...

Why do you go there? You know it's only going to upset you.

My one exchange with your...uh...friend... regarding movies... didn't go very far after he said he didn't like a particular war movie because it was too quick to make the Japanese seem human.

The film was actually based on the writings of a Japanese soldier.

...which fact I pointed out, but he said he didn't need a lecture from me about movies.

I let the conversation drop then.
Foolish me... never attempt to tell a teacher something he doesn't know with the expectation that he might be interested.
That's not his job.

JBW said...

I just like to laugh at pretentious fools, magpie. Call it a weakness if you will...

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with what he said except trying to equate pop culture with leftist media.

Pop culture transcends all boundaries, Chief.

JBW said...

You have to know the guy, one L. I just find it interesting that he constantly blogs about watching trashy reality TV shows with his family and then gets up on some holier than thou soapbox about only going to movies with real "artistic" merit. And yes, the "leftist" schtick is as inane as ever.