Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something Someone Else Said

"[W]e really judge the extremism of legislation based on the positioning of Republicans and Democrats. If I'd told you that the Obama administration was going to release a health-care bill that would attract every Senate Democrat -- from Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer to Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman -- and either endorsements or neutrality from the American Medical Association, the hospital industry, the pharmaceutical industry, AARP, labor, and much of the insurance industry (though their press releases have become more oppositional recently), you'd have thought that was a pretty moderate, consensus-oriented bill. Which it is! But most Americans don't think that because the Republicans decided to treat it as the second coming of fascism." -Ezra Klein, The Washington Post.

And they've said and done everything they possibly could in order to portray President Obama as a mixture of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It started on day one and they've just gotten louder and more absurd every day since. I shudder to think of how bad things will get in Washington if the GOP is able to take control of even one house of congress in November, let alone both of them. And if either of those scenarios does happen it won't be because their ideas were better or smarter, only that they were able to yell "Fascist!" long enough and loud enough over the previous two years as Obama has been trying to pull us out of the economic nosedive he inherited. Sometimes I really hate politics.



Leslie Parsley said...

"Sometimes I hate politics." Me too. It's been a very discouraging journey this past year. I have a short fuse anyway and some of the comments from righties make me blow my cork.

Anonymous said...

A coworker turned to me last week and said "next week they vote on whether the gov't takes over 20% of the economy." I asked if he was talking about healthcare (I already knew the answer) and he said "yeah". So my next question was what they were voting on. He gave me a general answer, so I clarified that I wanted to know more specifics about the bill. He said he couldn't tell me anything because he haddn't made time to read [more specifics about] the bill.

I feel like this sums up 95% of Americans... either Republican or Democrat. They latch on to the1 or 2 talking points that are easy and ignore the rest... and if that 20% figure is accurate, then it seems like there's a problem.

I know you are better read than my coworker, but I only see the general outrage in most of your blog posts. Can you give me more details about this bill, JBW? It doesn't need to be in this comments section. I know it's a lot of information.