Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Voting Republican

Some of you may not know this about me but I'm a fairly liberal guy who has a bit of a distaste for many of the policies espoused and instituted by the modern Republican party. Oh, wait...That's right, everyone knows that about me because I never shut up about politics, especially with a cocktail in my hand; and today is no different (about the politics and the cocktail). I don't exactly agree with everything said in this video and yes, I do realize that the Republican party doesn't represent everyone in America with conservative values and viewpoints.

In fact, I don't think that the modern incarnation of the Republican party is even that conservative anymore; swelling the size of government and the national debt whilst telling other people how they should live their lives are definitely not values that true conservatives embrace. With that in mind, watch as the party of Lincoln makes their best case for your vote:
"Honey, I need the government to tell me." Point: cat.

[Note: this post was created before I decided to take a break from politics.]


Anonymous said...

Monsieur Webb,

Whilst I will be first in line to boot the Elephantiasis from our national gov't, (and not to mention I find the clip downright red ass), I think these admittedly extreme viewpoints only further divide the nation. Can't we all get along?

JBW said...

Monsieur Davis,

I would say that division is kind of the point here. Nothing personal amigo, but I think that a clear demarcation between what the current administration has been doing for the last seven years and what an Obama administration will do is a perfectly legitamate comparison.

Extreme? Yes, I readily admit that (in fact, I believe I did in the opening remarks of the post). Yet no more extreme or divisive than the vast majority of the actions taken by the current administration. Again, I know that you're not an apologist for them but really, what other reactions would you expect?

Anonymous said...

Look, I have the right to not register to vote and to not do it today, so don't go telling me when and what do with my personal freedom.

Anonymous said...

So they're divisive so I can be divisive? If your wish was granted and Bush jumped off a cliff, should the dems follow? You can't philisophize about the harmony of the future with the weapons of the past.

Not to mention this wasn't about the current admin, but repubs in general....

JBW said...

I may have misspoken before. If pointing out the differences between political philosophies is being divisive, then perhaps we should change the definition of one or both of those terms. I admitted before the video that these viewpoints are extreme and that I don't necessarily agree with all of them; I see a modicum of humor when I watch it, and that was my intention when I posted. And my original indictment in the post was for the party in general. Bush isn't the only one to betray the values of conservatism; he's merely the current leader of the modern incarnation of the party.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove for President!

Intrepid Californio said...

I thought that shit was more than slightly funny. It was hysterical! And let's face it. You know there are yoms out there who watch that video and say to themselves, " that's right!Go America"! People who don't even know what Karl Rove is, but who would probably vote for him if told to.