Monday, June 23, 2008

Something I Wish I'd Said II

"I don’t know about you, but I’m embarrassed when the president of the US, allegedly the most “can-do” nation in the world, repeatedly goes to the Saudis and begs for increases in oil production to sustain our ridiculous habit. Just as futile, drilling in and around the US for oil is nothing more than searching the couches for loose change, and the analogy holds when you consider just exactly what you can buy with loose change- almost nothing. Telling Americans that off and on-shore drilling in the US is a potential solution to our oil problem is either sheer ignorance, or an attempt to exploit citizens to the benefit of the oil industry. I’ll not cast the first straw, but I will say this, our oil problem is here to stay as long as Americans stay complacent." -Ben, at 2 Dinar


Doug"e" said...

Why does Bush look so apprehensive in this photo? Is it because the King is squeezing his hand too tightly or is it because the King is squeezing his balls even more so. Is "W" worried that the rest of the World has caught on to the hypocrisy of him promoting "democracy" in Iraq all the while sucking-up to an repressive medieval monarchy just "south-o-the border". Maybe George is hoping that Americans will forget that 14 out of the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11th came from Saudi Arabia. As the cost of going to the hospital or going to college become increasingly more prohibitive here in the States, that's just a couple of perks provided to citizens of the "House of Saud" gratis. Maybe the King is amazed that he doesn't have to defend his little feifdom from those pesky Iranians, Ol George-E-boy is just too happy to do that for him. As Americans are forced to abandon their beloved S.U.V.s and drive around in crappy hybrids, all the King's Princes are snapping up exotic Ferarri's and Lamborghini's as fast they can. Ahh it's GOOD to be the King and it must suck to be the President.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was just that he was holding another man's hand... but maybe I'm looking at this too shallow and he actually had to take a dump.