Saturday, August 2, 2008

They Will Call Him "The One"

Welcome John McCain's latest entry into the "I didn't pay anyone over 22 years old to make this ad" contest; embarrassing how naive he seems when consistently taking Obama out of context here:


Jeremy said...

Let's start the slinging.

My favorite part of the commercial was when he was (edited into) threatening his entire crowd of listeners, into having that epiphany and then forced into casting their for Barack. I believe he used the words, "YOU MUST..." LOL

Actually this is the part of politics that actually holds my interest. The dirty underbelly of elections with the lies, deception , and of course, the well-done, flashy Propaganda adds.

Matt said...

This is just the slimiest video I've witnessed yet in this election year. John McCain is obviously playing on the fears of conservative evangelicals and their fear of the antichrist. I doubt you've read the "Left Behind" series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins, but it is a wildly popular fiction series aimed at conservative evangelicals that is a fictional telling of the end of times as it were to happen today. (Just to save you the trouble of having to read the books and form your own opinion of them, here's my review: they suck. period. I read the first one and it's so stupid and vapid. It's a waste of good trees in my opinion. I'm a mainline protestant and I'd much rather read something by Richard Dawkins than anything by those TL and JJ. At least Richard's books aren't playing upon people's fears.)

AT ANY RATE, one of the main characters in the books is the antichrist named Nicolae Carpathia. Here's a brief summary from a wikipedia article on N.C.:

Even as a young child, Carpathia showed remarkable intellect and athletic ability, and also proved to be extraordinarily manipulative, able to bend others to his will with relative ease. His handlers arranged for his mother to be eliminated, and Nicolae himself eventually demanded the dispatch of his "father," a key to his rise to power. With his advisers and counselors, Carpathia formed a successful import-export business, which quickly made him a millionaire. However, he quickly grew bored with business and finance and, guided by the "kingmaker" Leon Fortunato, set his sights on politics.

At the age of 24, Carpathia stepped into the political scene as a junior senator in the lower house of the Romanian Parliament. Falling victim to Fortunato's blackmail, the President of Romania soon resigned in favor of Carpathia, with the unanimous support of that country's parliament. Shortly thereafter, in the chaos following the Rapture, Carpathia was appointed United Nations Secretary-General, at some point also becoming Pope (the original pope had been raptured). Throughout his swift rise to global prominence, he feigned humility, saying he wished only to serve and denying that he ever sought power. Carpathia quickly began effecting changes to the U.N., converting it into the Global Community, and appointing himself G.C. Supreme Potentate. After he raised Leon Fortunato from the dead he styled himself His Excellency Global Community Supreme Potentate Nicolae Carpathia. Eventually after World War III, he became a dictator, while still portraying himself as a benevolent pacifist.


As you can see, the McCain crowd is trying to draw parallels between this Nicolae Carpathia character and Obama. It's pretty sickening to call out your opponent with veiled references to him being the antichrist. My argument has always been, "If he was the antichrist, how come he wasn't able to rig the primaries to defeat Hilary quickly and by a large margin?" The whole bit is so stupid. It just makes me shake my head at this poorly done video. All these millions of dollars at McCain's disposal, AND THAT'S THE BEST HIS STAFF CAN DO? That is a first rate, grade A, Number 1 bedshitting. Perhaps Dennis Franchione is now working for John McCain...

JBW said...

Sling away, my friend. It's only your country and that of your future children at stake here.

Matt, bravo for your concern about the actions of these nutball provocateures; a mandatory class on common sense is the only thing I could guarantee as a preventative measure against the actions of destructive souls such as these.