Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Power And Verboten Cut And Pasting

Apparently my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas of American Power has some issues with my lack of condemnation of Alan Colmes:

Geez, I'm getting linked by lefty media folks all over the place this week. But I wonder if idiots like JBW are gonna hammer Alan Colmes for his verboten cut-and-paste hack job, "Why Are Some Right-Wingers Defending Terror Suspects?"
It seems that Colmes cut and pasted a compilation by Fire Dog Lake about how right-wingers are ignoring/excusing the recent revelation that a right-wing militia group has been plotting the deaths of American police officers and this has apparently upset Don because a) I noted a while back that Colmes had linked to me in a post about Sarah Palin's callous exploitation of her handicapped son and/or b) I routinely chastise Don for being a serial cut and paster rather than composing posts taken from his own grey matter.

Quite right Don, and it's an error that I'll correct here and now: Mr. Colmes, how dare you merely cut and paste someone else's thoughts as if you were a tubby, middle-aged neoconservative with an established history of victimology and a pathetic persecution complex to boot. Don't you know that there are people like Don Douglas, PhD. out there on the Internets keeping track of hack writers like yourself, using their own lack of rhetorical skills as a comparison to vilify you in between their frequent Twinkie binges and Ronald Reagan jerk-off fantasies?

Happy, Don? Now, try and convince yourself that it's better to be a fat, greying community college prof on the downward slope of a career than an "idiot" who doesn't have the free time to police every liberal blog that's ever linked to himself and can still see his own dick without the assistance of a strategically placed set of mirrors. Too harsh? Yeah, well too bad; it's the middle of the night and I'm very, very drunk, Tubs. Cheers.


Kevin Robbins said...

Can anyone explain verboten in that sentence? Maybe it's right. But, I'm wondering if he meant verbatim.

Knew I should have stayed in school.

Kevin Robbins said...

OK, I'm looking at it again. Sometimes reading Donald is like trying to interpret modern art except that he's more of a Dark Ages type and I wouldn't call anything he does art.

Anyway, maybe he's saying forbidden cut and paste, but that doesn't make sense because almost everyone does it to some extent. Some more than others.

repsac3 said...

I'm pretty sure Don intended to say "verbatim," but you're right; given his routine mangling of the English language and his "sensitivity" to being questioned or corrected in any way, there's just no way to know for certain what he intended, or for that matter, meant by it all...

(The thing I most noticed about Don's post was his anti-Muslim bigotry--which he never bothered to defend or address in any way--but that's just how I roll...

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I never cut and paste anything. Maybe that's why Repsac never visits my site. That or I'm so thorough and spot on with my posts that he has nothing to add.

Yeah. That's what it is. Thanks for the vote of confidence Reppy.

JBW said...

And bigotry is just how Don rolls, Reps. "Them brown people with the funny looking gods are diffrunt from us good Christian Americans. Fuck 'em".