Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Is Why I'm Not A Democrat...

Because the level of pussification of that party in standing up to Republican obstructionism, even in the face of actual real-world threats to this country's safety, is unacceptable to me:

Imagine that after 9/11, a liberal Senate Democrat had quietly placed a hold on George W. Bush's nominee to lead the Transportation Security Agency. The problem in this case wasn't qualifications. The nominee was a former airport security chief, FBI officer and university professor. The problem was that the airport security chief wouldn't say that he wanted the Transportation Security Agency employees to unionize.

Then an Islamic radical tried to blow up a plane.

The Democrats would have been hammered for holding up the TSA chief's nomination. Bush would have made a recess appointment. Republicans would have gleefully campaigned against the liberals who would have left our air travelers defenseless.

That same story just played out, but the parties were reversed. It was Barack Obama who nominated Erroll Southers, the former airport security chief and FBI officer, to lead the TSA. And it was South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint who blocked his nomination over unionization. Did DeMint back down after an al-Qaeda-linked radical attempted to detonate a plane? Nope. Did Obama step up and make a recess appointment? Nope. Did Democrats make a major issue out of it? Of course not.

Instead, Erroll Southers formally withdrew his nomination today. Score one for DeMint, and another against the Democrats.
At this point I really do feel like a man without a country. Democrats have all of the power in our government yet they won't use it to protect this nation while the Republicans could care less because their tactic of chipping away at that power garners them some semblance of electoral strength and both parties just watch as we become more vulnerable to our enemies without. This last week has been extremely depressing politically and maybe I'm a bit too drunk as I write this (I am) but I'll admit that I've seriously considered just stopping caring about both parties and their never ending machinations and callous posturing at the expense of the American people. This system is completely broken and I don't see it being fixed anytime soon by anyone of conscience or consequence. I now understand why so many people in this country don't give a shit about politics and I'm seriously considering joining them in not doing so. I'm simply tired of it all.



Oso said...

I hear you.I was always a party line union guy,democrat.As they triangulated they really seemed to turn punk too.

LBJ,Kennedy,Poxmire,Fulbright.BarbaraJordan. They didn't take any crap off the Republicans.

I won't vote for a war supporter. I voted for Peltier in 2004,Nader last year.

Pretty much the Dems disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother. We have plenty of room for you in don't-give-two-s#!+s-ville...

Your mom says I sound a lot like you did when I make comments that politics seems pointless. The difference, though, is that I think I'll stick to my guns.

KA said...

First, my answer to solve ANYTHING is always wine. Everything is better with wine(: Seriously (I drink wine for my health, it's good for you)... At times, I'm a liberal. At times, I'm fiscally conservative. At times, I'm an independent. At times, I curse caring and wish for apathy (with even more wine which I don't ask my friends if this "is this the most carbon nuetral choice I could have purchased"). But, then what? Your life is "American Idol" (which I don't watch), Walmart (which I'm morally opposed), and reality TV (again, don't watch & maybe morally opposed)? But, then what? Yes, SOME Democrats are incredibly frustrating and spineless. Yes, SOME Republicans are the biggest fear-mongering and holier-than-thou hypocrites. And, yes, it's mostly, shades of grey. Maybe I'm an idealist (yes, I actually am), but it's hoping that one day color will emerge from that grey. And, vehicle of change, albeit, incremental to our constitutional framework, will emerge...And, if not, there's always wine, which I obviously have had too much of...

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Well JBW. This Democrat is an asshole when the times call for it if that makes your enmity less towards the Democratic Party as a whole.

Other than that, you're right. Spineless bunch of jellyfish we have in charge. Rahm has been a brutal disappointment. Perhaps Obama should have made Hillary chief of staff.

Fire that clown now I say. He's a failure.

JBW said...

I think I hear you, guys: the Dems suck, the Repubs suck more, prime time television is mostly horrible and wine is mostly the nectar of the gods. Regardless, I don't think I'll be moving to "Don't-give-two-shits-ville" just yet but I'd be lying if I said that I haven't priced tickets on Expedia.

Unknown said...

OSO and One L,

I'm with you. WTF to the Dems? Right on dudes.

Uh. I don't mean to be mean but uh Kelly, either you are really drunk, really young, or really something, as no one is that idealistic to believe in more than the status quo. Stop taking E. Unless you are just hot. Then take E. but take E with me.


Hillary as chief of staff. She's the fucking status quo. Get the fuck out of here.

Priceline has a better deal. Name your own price bitch.

JBW said...

David, I appreciate your input and you're welcome to state your opinion but I'd prefer it if you were more respectful to my other readers. I don't require anyone here to agree with me but I do request good manners of my guests. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Yeah man. I get that. It's just no liberal would be caught dead suggesting Hilary be in the white house. She's the f-ing status quo. When someone who calls himself TRUTH says that, I feel like its my job to say, that ain't no f-ing truth. It's bs.

And, idealism is dead. It died with JFK.

JBW said...

As cynical as I am David, idealism can't be dead by its very definition. And I'd say that Clinton is no more status quo than Emanuel.