Friday, December 19, 2008

Monkeys Beat Up Trainer With His Own Stick

The awesomeness of this can not be exaggerated:

Angry monkeys turned on their trainer - and beat him senseless with his own stick.

The enraged primates struck back after their owner handed out a vicious beating to one of the trio during a performance in which they rode mini bicycles in a market in Sizhou, eastern China.

While one monkey twisted their cruel master's ears, another pulled his hair out in handfuls and bit his neck.

Then, when he dropped his cane, the third snatched it up and began beating the trainer around the head until he broke the stick.

The dazed trainer confessed: 'They were once wild and these performances don't always come naturally to them. They may have built up some feelings of hatred towards me.'

Now police are investigating allegations of animal cruelty and may confiscate the monkeys.
They're so like us, in that they seem to enjoy beating the crap out of people who make them ride little bicycles for the amusement of others. Anybody feeling bad for this guy? Really?


AmPowerBlog said...

Why is that awesome? Was he mistreating the monkeys?

JBW said...

If you read the article, it says that the trainer had just meted out a vicious beating and was subsequently investigated for animal cruelty. I assume that you don't like PETA (they annoy me most of the time as well) but I agree with their essential message; is animal cruelty now a conservative value as well?

Van Zan said...

Yes I have some sympathy for the monkeys too.

But then I wasn't overtaken by outrage when a homo sapien threw a pair of shoes at someone he felt had caused him grief, despair and pain... either.

JBW said...

VZ, neither was I overtaken with outrage but I still stand by my take that his behavior should not be condoned (save when I'm fucking with Grace at Don's site, and even then I'm only threatening to throw my shoes at God, Satan and other whole cloth characters).

On the same tip: I just think Don is looking for reasons to disagree with me because of our differences in ideology, since the reasons for my celebrating the simian insurrection are easily discerned by reading the 100-200 word article I quoted.

Van Zan said...

I didn't say it should be condoned either. I said it should be dealt with as a criminal act.
But I also say it can be understood without a propagandist all-Muslims-think-this-way and God-I-love-my-country choir singing over the top of the video replay.

I strive to be respectful of the faiths of others except when they 'go to war'.
Grace is nuts, JBW. Nuts. You fuck with her with my blessing (no irony intended).
She is not only a medieval throwback, she believes she has a personal connection to God above and beyond other people.
If she ever gets a gathering (and don't for a second think people are just too smart for that...) we've got Jim Jones and David Koresh all over again.

DD is by no means insane or without conscience and I think he should say something about her excesses when she's in hate-mode, but that's up to him.

Back to the monkeys... these are mankind's closest relatives. That's why they can be so sensitive and also so vicious.
Overt cruelty shames me to the core, as a man. Should shame everyone.
That trainer got what was coming to him, and if he blinks for a moment, reflects on his cruelty, and reconsiders his approach to training it will have been worth it for everyone - except perhaps the monkeys who have put up with that crap all their lives.

Anonymous said...

Van Zan: You're right about Grace. She has "exploded" all over American Power, enough to render it even more unreadable than normal.

In a related article, I did read something recently about how dogs have a sense of fair play, which I totally believe. Dogs are always punishing their owners with behavioral ticks. I think the animal kingdom is about even with the Republican party by now.

Anonymous said...

I love Grace, but check out this wingnutty goodness from Philippe. He's making a good run at top lunatic. Check out some of these selections:

My blog is religiously motivated - I have read the Old Testament 40 times and the New Testament even more times.

When I saw a serpent crawl right out of my body, when I read the Old Testament, many years ago, I decided to keep more to the New Testament.

Yeah, I would, too.

One of my former girlfriends in Sweden, who is an expert of Sanskrit; I met her when I stopped her from committing suicide; said she saw I have a big grey serpent, beside me, keeping watch over me, when I sleep, which looks very kind - and eventually can turn white!?

She was too sensible. In the end she got too scared to live with me.

Yeah, I'm not big on snakes myself.

What I did was that I used to place towels in different rooms and then in one towel I placed the smallest doll.

And then by thinking and speaking to it, and waving with a staff, I could make it move to inside a towel in one of the other rooms.

I loved to make things change places.

I also liked to make the wind blow, where there was no wind.

OK, now you're just getting weird.

I wanted to know more - and I only find knowledge and wisdom in religion by dreams and prayers.

Well, on my mother's side there were powerful medias in Egypt, who even could say where to find lost people who had drowned in the Nile...

And they have also found very strange inscriptions in the house where my grandfather was born, in a village on the island of Rhodes.

My mother always said Swedish people were barbarians, but I liked myself to associate to people, who are far from God and the spiritual realm, soulless people who are unable to dream, because they will never comprehend, or bother me with any questions.

I can't really imagine too many people bothering him with questions.

I realize English is not his first language, but can that really explain this schizophrenic gibberish?

JBW said...

DLB, I also cut Philippe some slack because of the language barrier but that screed was pure crazy. Thanks for pulling out the highlights; I could only justify wasting time on half of it before I quit caring. Wow.

Anonymous said...


I see you and I are having fun with Grace over at american power?

Phillippe, is definitely out there as well. He once mentioned that, in his younger days, he was a card carrying member of a pro-nazi group. Now he has been reformed.

Reformed by other dellusions.

I guess fanatics never lose their zest for fanaticism?


JBW said...

Hey CS, thanks for stopping by; as I just wrote over at Don's place, it's been fun fucking with them but it has once again made me tired so I'm taking a break from AP for a while. Keep up the good fight!

Intrepid Californio said...

looks like it's feeding time on monkey island