Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something Someone Else Said II

"Gov. Palin, to some extent, pushed the party more to the right, and I think she had something of a polarizing effect when she talked about how small town values are good. Well, most of us don’t live in small towns. And I was raised in the South Bronx, and there’s nothing wrong with my value system from the South Bronx.

And when they came to Virginia and said the southern part of Virginia is good and the northern part of Virginia is bad. The only problem with that is there are more votes in the northern part of Virginia than there are in the southern part of Virginia, so that doesn’t work." -Colin Powell


Van Zan said...

There is a big element in the Right who believe they own the soul of the country.

McCain's use of the phrase "real Americans" was a big red arrow to the core of the neocon delusion: that somehow THEY are the real America and everyone else is just misguided or reprobate.
Straight away, when Obama won by a thunderous margin, these "real" Americans sought to imply that he had no mandate for real change as American is "still" a center-Right country.
Well the people decided, and as McCain himself said, they did it CLEARLY. They want change.

Sarah Palin has no understanding, no curiosity, no vision, no idea. She is a train of hackneyed thought going around in a circuit that begins and ends with her, a pathetic and empty symbol.

During their years in the wilderness, before Reagan, the Republicans did the hard yards and reconnected with the intellect of their party.
If all they do this time is attempt to reconnect with the people via Palin, they're going to get very badly burned.

Sarah Palin is the faultiest connection in God's little shop of very dim light globes.

JBW said...

Van Zan, I've said much the same thing here numerous times. Good observations and good vocab, while I'm at it.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Soon enough Sarah Palin will be a remembered only in Trivial Pursuit questions. Her triumph is the new wardrobe she got courtesy of the RNC. I'm sure she thinks the new clothes were worth the cost to her and the national embarrassment of her daughter.