Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Is The End, Beautiful Friend...

I hadn't planned this but it appears today's theme is one of personal indulgences for me; after the bacon and cheese roll and naked Aniston comes this fun little video of George W. Bush being pelted with shoes by an Iraqi journalist at a news conference during an unannounced visit to that country:

Things sure have changed from 5 1/2 years ago:

[Update: I wrote this post earlier today and a few hours later Sullivan posted this at The Daily Dish:

Five years ago, the shoes were directed toward statues and images of Saddam. And so "Iraq" moves forward ...
It turns out great minds do think alike.]


Tom the Redhunter said...

I'm a conservative Republican, and would be hopping mad if someone anywhere threw anything at Barack Obama. I didn't vote for him, and indeed campaigned against him, but wouldn't want him disrespected in that way.

Ditto for ex-President Clinton.

You, however, find humor in what happened to President Bush.

Please, have some decency. He is our president whether you like him or not.

Anonymous said...

Tom, George Bush is responsible for turning their country into shit. He is responsible for the loss of much of the cultural heritage of one of the oldest civilizations on Earth.

Saddam Hussein may have been an asshole, and we were, in large part, responsible for his being in power. But, now the shithole we've turned their country into, is totally our fault.

For no good reason at all, Bush has caused thousands upon thousands of deaths and caused terrorist recruitment to surge (pardon the term).

And you're upset because someone threw a shoe at him?

JBW said...

Tom, if Bush had shown me, the Iraqi people and the world that he was worthy of respect, trust me: I would gladly extend it to him but what DLB says is true; besides, he's only still the president in an informal, won't take responsibility for solving our current problems, flying on fumes kind of way. I think that it's pretty obvious that the majority of the country would like to trade him up for Obama today if we could.

Wait, didn't I write at Don's place that I don't care what you think about me? What are you doing here? This ought to get rid of you: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. Are your ears bleeding yet?

On a serious note, the thing that bothers me more than anything else about this shoe attack is that he was able to get off two shots at the president without the Secret Service doing anything to stop him. With all the talk of possible assassination attempts against Barack Obama I hope this incident puts them back on their toes.

Anonymous said...

The only compliment I will ever give W. is that he did a pretty excellent job of dodging those shoes. It just shows that he remembered something from elementary school--dodgeball.

The absurdity of it all amazes me.

JBW said...

I agree, he avoided those shoes like they were responsibilities; and he didn't even look that flustered afterward. Say what you want about the guy's administration, at least all the running has left him fairly nimble.

Anonymous said...

What you guys say is true. I thought Bush was supposed to be a lame duck. He actually ducked pretty well, tho.

Van Zan said...

The guy who threw the shoes had once been kidnapped by a militia... the people who torture people to death - can you imagine how scary that must have been? Held in custody by US forces and then let go with an apology.
That's after seeing his country go up in flames.
He's probably a tad emotional these days.
And not because someone forgot him on Valentine's day.

Tom, get a grip...

My girl is a nurse. She can get assaulted on her job. Been punched, spat at, molested, knocked to the ground, threatened.
An episode of ER can look like Wheel of Fortune compared to a night she just had.
And she didn't just bomb anyone's ass - she was trying to give them medical attention.

Guys can get a shoe thrown at them by an girlfriend. Or their momma.
It wasn't a grenade.
Yeah it could have hurt Bush, but there is a vanishingly small chance it could have killed him.

Politicians get the most heinous accusations, labels and dirty politics thrown at them.
Sometimes justly, sometimes unjustly.
It's a tough job.
It should be. People's lives are at stake.

JBW said...

Van Zan, I sympathize; my momma's a nurse as well. But I've written a counter-post to this one that will go up in the A.M. I hope you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Who throws shoes? In my head, only big black mommas. The guys on the radio said they loved the way he ducked the first shoe and then stared the guy down. It was tough to see his expression on this internet video, but I'll imagine that he was QUITE manly in his reaction.