Friday, January 30, 2009

Grace Explosion, Departed

I'm sure that many of you remember frequent visitor to this site and all around theocratic loon Grace Explosion (the photo above is a wishful representation on my part) and her colorful yet less than well thought out posts from a while back. For all of you newbies, here's a small taste from about a week prior to Barack Obama's inauguration:


Yes, I do view life as having a primary metaphysical component of the battle of good and evil. I define God as wholly good, Satan as wholly evil - and man under the influence of one or the other... acting by one spirit or by the other Spirit. That's how I view life and reality. I see Obama as evil having denied God and ultimate evil as having claimed to be God as a messiah. To me, that's fully satanic and evil and deceptive and subtle, etc... which is why he qualifies for suspicion as the 666 beast of Revelation as he rises to power and seeks to become a world leader while claiming to be God. That's the bottom-line of why I suspect him... and other things appear to be "lining up" in timing, world events, allegiances, etc. Yep, that's my logic... and I can understand why a person who doesn't believe in God, Satan, or the apocalypse would not see validity in my line of reasoning. But a logical line of reasoning based on the premises I've described, to me, clearly exists.
Just makes you want to wrap her up in a warm towel and take her home with you, doesn't it? Well, it seems that about a week ago on my conservative counterpart's site Grace announced that she was moving on to greener pastures and followed those words by removing most of the more interesting and hilarious comments she's left on both of our sites over the past few months (yes, the quote above apparently made the cut as to what was a suitable legacy). So, to mark her departure from our digital lives I've composed a short poem that I like to call "An Ode to Grace":
G is for Grace: that was your online name,
R is for really crazy: that was your favorite game.
A is for Antichrist: we just threw him an inauguration,
C is for cesarean: how you'll birth your Christian nation.
E is for evangelicals: with whom you've chosen to roll,
The only requirement for membership being your everlasting soul.
So good luck dear, or bonne chance chère as they say in France,
If you looked at all like the photo above, I'd have a Grace Explosion in my pants.
I never said it was a good poem. Adieu, Grace: your mere existence has made every other Christian I know seem much more reasonable by comparison.


CS said...

That is awesome. I am not sure I'll be having any explosions in my pants at the thought of Grace :)

Good riddance.

By the way, I don't mean to be a party pooper, but what is up with this new "buy domestic only" measures taken up by the Obama administration? I am not sure you are aware of it, but here in Canada, Parliament has its balls tied over this issue because it does undermine a number of international treaties that includes the United States.

Protectionist measures will only increase trade wars, and I am hoping CAnadians don't bend over and take it up the ass as we usually do whenever you guys try to pull this crap on us.

Whats your take?

TRUTH101 said...

I feel like a real heel JBW. I stirred up the Donald so much he banned me. Grace Explosion was all over the place till my arrival. Now she's gone. Who am I gonna piss off next man?

Van Zan said...

First of all... Pardon my infrequent commenting of late.

We're having the worst heatwave in 100 years here - in a country not noted for its chilly snowswept expanses. Rolling blackouts because inferno bushfires are taking out our electrical infrastructure. Maybe Grace was right all along and this is the apocalypse. She can take satisfaction that I'm getting whacked first.

There are concerns here too about what trade may look like under the Obama admin, but we've had buy locally-made campaigns here too and it doesn't necessarily portend protectionism. It has been cynically alleged that Australian participation in invading Iraq was a pay off for a (not quite) free trade agreement with the USA, but that is not true. The fact is we had an ideologically backward prime minister at the time - thankfully gone now. Oh I fucking hated him.

Back to Grace... I'm not particularly pleased with the way exchanges between her and me went... I was a tad too acid. Given what strains I went to on AP to be polite in the face of Donald's pompous holier-than-thou intellectual posturing (said politeness never returned) I guess I could have been a wee bit more tolerant of the village idiot.

Just a thought here... Anyone who raises two kids on her own following a bitter and potentially violent breakup deserves a modicum of awe.

JBW said...

CS, I don't know much about NWO and NAFTA trade rules but honestly, I don't think they help us here in the States. One of the main things hindering our economy is the lack of American industrialism and I'm quite keen on bringing that facet of our economy back.

T101, I thought CS was the only one banned from the Donald's site. If you're taking responsibility for her recent departure (you vain motherfucker), please divulge the secret of your powers. The masses are curious...

VZ, being a Texas native I understand your heat-wave woes: one summer when I was in high school the AC went out in our house and I spent the next three nights at a buddies house just to survive until the air came back.

As far as Grace is concerned: I don't consider her an enemy, just a delusional, single mother doing the best she can based on what she believes. My own momma was single with two children for a number of years so I bear her no ill will (I'll just make fun of her more insane delusions from time to time).

TRUTH101 said...

Old union trick I use JBW. Piss em off good. Then get what I want in the make up sex portion of negotiation. I just hope Grace looks like the gal in your picture. I think I'd give her the jobs bank.

one L bill said...

NWO was supposed to be the second coming of wrestling. It was initially headlined by old-timers like Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage.

Grace Explosion said...
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Grace Explosion said...
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Grace Explosion said...
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Grace Explosion said...
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JBW said...

Grace, you prove every one of my points with your comments. Still, I'm glad you got to read the post and I'm sincere when I wish you good luck on your voyage.

Van Zan said...

I see a miracle every day, Grace. It's why I don't need religion.

That said, I'm glad you forgive and forget. That is a form of wisdom.

Grace Explosion said...
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Anonymous said...