Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Age Aquascam

Full disclosure: I shop at Whole Foods at times and their products are top notch for the most part but this is just silly:

Aquamantra: Premium Natural Spring Water is simply, water that resonates with the energy and frequency of your well-being. The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your life and NOW your water. We deliver powerful messages to you through the mantras, I AM GRATEFUL™,I AM HEALTHY™, I AM LOVED™ or I AM LUCKY™ .

The thoughts inherent in those words permeate the liquid, influencing the taste and beneficial properties of the water. If you are drinking ‘I am Healthy’ for example, you will resonate with the energy to be healthy. ' I am Loved' will encourage you to feel loved and 'I am Lucky' will encourage you to feel gratitude for your life and how you want to be lucky!

Aquamantra was inspired by a 2004 film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” This Movie discussed the underlying quantum mechanics of our world. It showed how reality is changed with every thought. Dr. Masaru Emoto, who was featured in the film, wrote a book called “Hidden Messages in Water,” he showed us the basic principles of quantum theory, whereby the molecular structure of water was changed by a Zen Buddhist monk’s thought. Based on this premise, Aquamantra uses the design on its labels to affect the molecular structure of
California natural spring water to make it more refreshing and wholesome to drink.
I watched What the Bleep Do We Know?! while I was stuck on the side of a mountain in a snow storm for eight hours with a buddy, a laptop and this sole DVD waiting for the roads to Tahoe to open back up and I can say unequivocally that it was a bunch of invented new age tripe, as evidenced by Whole Foods' explanation of how their Aquamantra water works:
Its good that you are asking this crucial question...How did we create our water? First, we saw how Dr. Masaru Emoto featured in the film "What the Bleep" did experimentation with water and crystals, and observed how the water looked after he froze his samples. He took a bottle of distilled water and wrote the japanese symbol; the chi of love, taped it to the bottle and left it overnight. The before and after pictures are fascinating and gorgeous.

We tested his theories by labeling purified water with words, and then phrases that inspire to see if the flavor matched the beauty of the images. Sure as day, the flavor of the water changed when we wrote sayings like I am loved, I am passionate, I am healthy, etc.

You think we're kidding? Take a piece of scotch tape and write "I Hate You" on the water, leave it overnight, in the morning take a sip of your "hate" water then take a sip of your regular water. Email us your feedback... we'll anxious to learn your findings. That is precisely how we created Aquamantra. The words actually change the molecular structure of the water, and most definitely changes the flavor of the water to taste deliciously smooth.
That's right, all you have to do is write a message (in one of several languages, apparently; who knew water was a polyglot?) on the bottle and the taste of the water will change in response (this process takes about 8 hours, again apparently) to the negative or positive tone of your message.

Now that we know the process they used to create this inspirational libation my next question is this: why can't I just refill my water bottles with tap water (which I do already; Danville water is some of the best in the country) and label them with positive messages like "I'm the jinkiest!" or "Wow, my cock is huge!" to achieve these same results? Oh wait, I can:
Now you can change your 5 - Gallon of bottled water at home into Aquamantra's I AM LOVED water.
Just put the Label on your 5 -Gallon, pitcher, Brita Filter Container, Sports Bottle or whatever you want... leave it overnight and in the morning drink refreshingly smooth I AM LOVED water. Repeat the mantra with every delicious sip and experience the flavor of 100% pure thought. These stickers are re-usable up to 2 - 3 times.

Cost: $5.00 plus $1.25 shipping and handling ( per order )
But it seems that the positive invocation will only work if you purchase the official Aquamantra labels from Whole Foods, and only 2-3 times at that. But what about the scotch tape example cited above? Does the tape only work once? And if I'm paying for them, isn't there some way to improve the manufacturing process (which seems to consist merely of printing ink on to a sticker) to make them last longer? Does overuse permanently leech the positivity out of the plastic and glue or can I still get some taste benefits by using old labels?

Now let me posit another, more likely explanation for all of these seeming disparities in their advertising: this product is straight up, 100% bullshit. This is an actual, publicly traded company! Whole Foods is a corporate creation that dismantles local food webs, not a "green" company that promotes the organic food movement. Since religion has cornered the market on "holy water" and the American public is (hopefully) too smart to fall outright for a product labeled "magic water", Aquamantra decided to incorporate ephemeral, new age attributes into their marketing campaign to take advantage of some of the more scatterbrained granola eaters that frequent your local Whole Foods stores. Way to cash in that karma, guys.


Anonymous said...

It's probably not 100% BS in that the positive messages probably DO have an upward effect on your subconscious... these guys are just the ones trying to make a buck off it.

Anonymous said...

JBW, I have to agree on the new age hype. I do tai chi, but manage to remain agnostic on the whole chi thing. Anything's possible, but only some things are likely.

This is actually somewhat on the same topic. I see your latest comment at American PowerMad. Grace and Philippe are really my favs. Here's some classic Grace, in case you missed it. Megalomania much?

Anonymous said...

Especially like the second one, where she goes to heaven and becomes a supergenius.

JBW said...

That piece of Grace is indeed classic; I had no idea that I was sparring with such an intellactual heavyweight. Thanks, DLB.

repsac3 said...

Grace is undoubtedly the most entertaining part of any visit to 'mercanNeroCon's blog... But I'm beginning to wonder whether Donnie is getting a little worried about being taken seriously by ANYONE, given some of his latest (& most prolific) regulars... I notice that Donnie has several times neglected to give Grace her "scoobie snack" pat on the head "thank you for posting" comment, lately (including for the posts that're linked from here)... Might even he notice how wacky she is, and be a little worried what folks who're reading her are thinking of him? (Of course, that's all just speculation... 8>)

On the water thing, I suppose it's best to make your own "happy talk" label (and use new tape) for every 5 gal bottle you put on the dispenser... One can't be too careful.

"I am the shizznit my cablat thinks I be, fo' shizzle"

JBW said...

rep, I just wrote the exact same sentiment to Don at his place. I can only imagine the frustration of wanting to be taken seriously and having only crazy wingnuts on your side but denial can be a powerful thing.