Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Justice

Now I don't have much faith in karma but sometimes...

Karma had one more payback blow for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. As if having a perfect season spoiled with a loss in the last Super Bowl and losing MVP quarterback Tom Brady to a season-ending knee injury less than eight minutes into this season were not enough to punish the Patriots for their videotaping scandal of last year, missing the playoffs after posting an 11-5 record should square everything. New England is the first 11-win team to miss the playoffs since the current 12-team format was instituted in 1990.
Cheaters never win (except when cheaters do win, but these cheaters didn't: so fuck 'em).


Grace Explosion said...
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JBW said...

Ah Grace, there are several religious people who read my blog but none of them are very crazy: thank you for filling that niche. Good luck seceding from America and forming your own Christian nation; a lot of us are pulling for you.

And I actually like Jesus, assuming that he really existed but I highly doubt his purported superpowers. Nevertheless, he seems like someone I'd like to split a bottle of wine with. My complaints are more with Christianity and other organized religions trying to force their will and way of life on others.

Happy New Year to you as well. Hey, this could be the year he comes back and ends the world, right? I know you're keeping your fingers crossed.

Van Zan said...

I like Jesus.

But then I like most people who say "let's stop killing people for a while and see how we go with that?".

If Jesus was around now he'd be called a Left-wing extremist and neocons galore would write essays on his lack of 'moral clarity', and then smugly go to church.

But on topic... I do still feel a little bit sorry for the Patriots fans over their perfect-except-the-end season. Had to hurt...

Happy New Year.

Grace Explosion said...
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Patrick Kelley said...

Oh brother.

JBW said...

I told you, PK: she just gets better and better.

Grace, I don't want all of the Christians to secede, just the incurious, prejudiced nut balls. You can have Utah, Florida and New Jersey but we're going to need you to connect them with some type of tunnel system, the highways are clogged enough as it is.

If we ran the remaining states "my way" yes, gay marriage would be legal; I don't know what it means to have a homosexual society or nation but if you mean equal rights for all groups of people then yes, we'll be doing that too.

As far as abortion, I don't like it but I'll never be pregnant and I won't tell a woman what to do with her own body. I'm in favor of gun ownership and a strong national defense so disarming ain't gonna happen and while I don't like taxes, anyone with a fifth grade education or higher knows that they are necessary to some extent to run the government.

As far as Palestine and Israel, I put most of those people who are fighting about what God "said" to them in the same fruit loop box with you and the other Christianists, and we won't be converting to Islam because they're all pretty much crazy as well (although vilification and persecution of gays is something you both share so that won't be a problem for "my America"). We'll be going the way of tolerance and sanity; you can take the road less traveled by.

We'll remain in the UN because it's smart to talk to your allies and enemies but as always we'll go our own way when we see fit. And yes, we'll legalize drugs, prostitution and gambling for all adults who choose to partake of them; I would think that someone who claims to have a strong Libertarian streak would be fine with that type of "hedonism" as it pertains to individual freedoms.

And of course we'll improve our own border security, something neither party has done to any appreciable degree thus far. Instead of expanding social programs, we'll streamline and improve them. And yes, universal health care will be a guaranteed human right in the richest and most powerful nation on Earth; that it isn't already is a sad commentary on our national priorities.

I've neither been to Iran nor Cuba but from what I've seen of Switzerland in my travels it's a clean, safe, efficient society free of religious kooks trying to enforce their vision of morality on other people, although I assume that like most so-called conservatives in this country you've never visited any of the countries you trash as being lesser than our own. Look at me not being surprised.

I won't take the time to address your end of the world fantasies because frankly, it's utter foolishness. If all of the worlds major religions are seeing the same thing coming it's because they all want to believe in magic and unicorns.

I'll make a bet with you right now: all of my worldly possessions against yours that the world doesn't end in the next ten years; hell, make it twenty. I'm feeling pretty confident on this one.

So yes, secede and form your own country, and make Sarah Palin your leader while you're at it: we'll have no more use for her here. A country with laws based on your values is fine with me as long as it isn't where I live. When Jesus shows up I'll tell him where you guys are staying. Bon chance.

Van Zan said...


Since you ask...

Jesus does not live in you, or in anything I recall you writing. That great teacher of tolerance and understanding has nothing to do with you.

You're just an hate-filled ranter who is out of her intellectual depth.
The fact is... you'd be out of your depth in a puddle of spilt coffee.

You just speak gibberish, hurling propaganda and cheap conspiracy theorist talking points around without any coherence of thought whatsoever.

You hate everyone who isn't like you, and the less they are like you, the more you hate them.
One day someone real could get hurt by some skinhead thug inspired by your stupid raving to commit some unconscionable act of hate-crime violence. Has that thought ever crossed you pea-sized mind?

Want to be a real follower of Christ? Go learn something about the 99% of humanity you rail against.
Go get a life.

TRUTH 101 said...

I fully support hedonism among married men and women,and married attractive women. Thanks for helping me clarify my views Grace. You have another convert.

Grace Explosion said...
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JBW said...

Grace, you can have North Carolina but you're keeping Jersey. Enjoy.

I assume the irony of your warning me about my fictional, liberal government taking freedoms and rights from me right after admitting that you would deny women and homosexuals theirs is lost on you. That's OK: I expect only so much.

On the missionary tip, I'll make you a deal: we'll promise not to send a bunch of our most annoying people to your country if you'll promise not to do the same. We know who Jesus is; if we have any questions we'll come to you.

And if you think there was no abortion when this nation was founded you're either ignorant or a liar. As much as I dislike the practice there were abortions before we migrated out of Africa, there were abortions when this country was founded, there were even abortions during that magical, imaginary time you conservatives remember as the 1950's. As we've seen with so many things in human history, outlawing it won't keep it from happening, it will just create more outlaws.

Won't accept my bet, huh? See, you're not entirely crazy after all: magical promises aren't worth much when compared to all of your money and material possessions, are they? Now you're praying to the real god of the Republican party.

Grace Explosion said...
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Grace Explosion said...
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Van Zan said...


Again, since you ask...

I don't hate you personally at all.
You're probably divorced (based on what you write above) with a couple of kids and working a sales or bank job (correct me if I'm wrong on any of that), and you're looking for something 'more'. Not uncommon.

But I regard how you think as mental and emotional dysfunction. Which is to say you don't bother to reason anything through based on any logic. You just believe shit... perhaps, perversely, not in spite of - but because - it is so obviously stupid.

You talk about anything, and yet know nothing much at all.

You talk blithely about good and evil, but evidence all the moral direction of a pinball machine.

You're hilarious. But you're a fruitcake. You're not some 'chosen one'.
Get a grip.

As for me... It's not about what society I "want" versus what you "want".
I don't view the world in opposition to how I view myself. I don't want to recreate society or reorder it how "I want".
I just value the diversity of human experience, and freedom.
True freedom. Not the non-freedom that is your warping of just the word itself, which is like some cheap slogan for hate-based repression.

I hope this answers your question.

Grace Explosion said...
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Grace Explosion said...
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one L bill said...

I hear they're Franchise-tagging Matt Cassel. Talk about the best luck or karma THAT guy could have asked for. He'll make $10M next year and then be a free agent again as Brady is getting healthy. Should be an interesting story to watch.

JBW said...

Well, I believe in neither luck nor karma but I would call anyone who makes $10 million in one year not only lucky but also highly overpaid; our priorities as a society are so out of whack.

Grace Explosion said...
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JBW said...

Grace, I don't know if it's being a woman or a crazy religious nut that makes you so unstable but either way you can relax: the communists aren't coming. Yes I know, it makes you feel better having an enemy to rant against and I know that many fundamentalist Christians like to feel like they're being persecuted but as I said: settle down.

I said that pro athletes who make $10 million in one year are overpaid and you reacted like a typical right wing hack: "Oh, so they should work for free?!" Yes, just as when I say I'm against denying women abortion rights, what I'm really saying is that I love dead babies. Children see the world in such black and white shades; people will take you more seriously when you don't speak like a child.

I'm merely saying that our priorities as a society are all wrong when professional athletes are paid huge salaries while teachers and nurses are so underpaid. If you think changing that situation is akin to social engineering or economic manipulation I could really care less. The free market system is no more magical than Jesus and to assume that it is is either dangerously naive or knowingly deceitful.