Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Internet: An Observation

I've been getting dozens of hits over the last few days from French and Italian search engines looking for this particular image of elderly Japanese porn stars that I posted back in June 2008 about a Time magazine article discussing the rising popularity of *shudder* elder porn in Japan. I have no idea why this is happening but it's starting to creep me out (and is still doing absolutely nothing to turn me on). I still love the Internet though; this place is crazy weird.

[Update: A thought just occurred to me: perhaps it has something to do with my latest post on pwning the elderly? Or boning the elderly, as it were? This is me, still shuddering...]


Van Zan said...

Who among us hasn't enjoyed a porn flick, JBW...? (and 'oh really??' to those who deny it...)
I don't dig elderly porn but... Ask yourself... when you're old, will you be watching porn featuring women (as yet unborn) young enough to be your grand-daughter, women contemporary with your aged self, or do you imagine you will have just lost interest?
These are the only three choices you have....
Will you choose to be a "dirty old man", a man who likes sex with old women, or a limp noodle who rather play with his stamp collection?

The spring and summer don't go on forever.
You see the point I'm making....

JBW said...

I do indeed, VZ: consider me a dirty old man forever, kid. DOM 4 Lyfe, yo! I'll have that stenciled on my walker 'til I die of liver failure.

Van Zan said...

So if you fancy a woman now when she's 25, 35... and you marry this girl (should you wanna do something like that), she's beneath you... to be beneath you ... 40 years hence?

JBW said...

Not quite sure what you're asking here, amigo. But if you're saying that an octogenarian may not make my cock hard when I'm the same age someday, despite the incredible advances in hard-on drugs, then yes: I may require videos (or holo-screens or whatever the medium of the time provides) of hot young haven't-been-born-yets to get me off when I'm barely able to cross the street.

And I have to ask you: do you really think that the elderly of today are really watching porn filled with fogeys like themselves versus hot, young studs and sluts?

Van Zan said...

I suppose what I'm driving at is how youth - which "only just" includes me now - seems to feel it owns desire, owns physical love.
Owns wisdom, owns art, owns coolness....etc etc

I talk sex now and it makes me a lad (or however Americans say that..."one of the guys"?). I talk it 40 years from now and it makes me dirty. How is that?
Who the fuck decides when my sexual license is up?

I think the elderly today are watching simply... whatever is there. Assuming they even require it (I mean... they've had 40 years on you and me to see more of it than we ever have).

JBW said...

I'm not saying that talking desire makes you young or an old fogey, just that watching porn that features wrinkled individuals is anathema to the way I view sexuality at this point in my journey.

And I have to say this just because you and I are back and forthing here: I'm watching Crocodile Dundee II on HBO as I type this. No reason, other than that I'm debating an Aussie. Just found it a cool, globalist, 21st century observation...

Van Zan said...

I think we've both made our point.

Ah Hoges... Before Crocodile Dundee made him famous overseas (in a limited sort of way) he was an established comedian here and we used to find him hysterical. Of course I was only about 10 at the time and the old shows are very dated now.
In trouble with his taxes here, but he's resident in LA.

Yeah it's cool talking around the world.
You should come here... you might like it. We have lots of hot women and attitudes are relaxed.
More health care, fewer guns... The weather is nice when stuff isn't on fire.
Sub-primes only made up a tiny fraction of our lending sector, so we are in better shape than many - but no-one is in "good" shape.

JBW said...

Sorry VZ, I fell asleep last night. Visiting Ozland is definitely on the books, although perhaps a long term plan at this point. But I'm determined to make it happen.

Anonymous said...


...weird. Even weirder that they're Japanese. Only the filthy Americans should be interested in porn. I think of the Japanese as being far more educated, cultured and having no need for such a tribal, caveman tendency.

Van Zan said...


Oh it's okay mate I went to bed then. I'm usually commenting around midnight 'cept for weekends. Only time I have left to do it.

One L bill,

I lived in Japan for a long time. I could write all night about it and still have more to say.

The Japanese porn industry has huge turnover, no pun intended. A lot of it is as average or tasteless as from anywhere else, but some of the top actresses are incredibly beautiful.

There are many adherents to Christianity in Japan, but the religion hasn't been able to confuse their society to the extent that it's fucked up ours. Shinto is about fertility and nature, Japanese Buddhism is about benevolence and peace. Neither is interested in telling you that sex is anything other than one of life's pleasures, like good sake and a dip in a hot spring.