Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today Is Osama Bin Laden's 52nd Birthday

Can someone please tell me why this asshole is still celebrating new birthdays? I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

He's busy driving a taxi in New York somewhere.

Chill out dude :)

Intrepid Californio said...

$1,000,000. What a joke!

JBW said...

I know, IC. With the economy the way it is right now it hardly seems worth smoking out a cave at all for, huh?

Doug"e" said...

Minor correction here:
As of July 13, 2007 the Senate voted to increase the bounty on Osama Bin Laden to $50,000,000.00
Yes that'd be 50 million dollah.
Anyone out there interested in going spelunking in Pakistan now?

JBW said...

I knew this Doug"e" but I couldn't find a suitable wanted poster and I didn't feel like making one myself.

But how frustrating is it that we still can't get anyone to turn this guy in after offering 50 mill?

Doug"e" said...

When you are dealing with a bunch O'fundamentalists whose priorities are radically different from our own,it can be quite discouraging.
Obviously these folks place a higher value on faith, allegiance,
and purity of purpose than a big stack of "Benji's". Who knows maybe someday we can convince one of these people to collect his reward while here on Earth instead of Heaven. And then we would have found the Muslim equivalent of "Judas".

Van Zan said...

"still can't get anyone to turn this guy in"?

Well... how do they know they will not be quietly liquidated after providing the info?

Taking some desert-dwelling opium-grasping gun-toting insurgent and putting him in the witness protection program to end all witness protection programs doesn't conceptualize well. What are they going to spend the money on in Afghanistan anyway? Hassan suddenly driving though Kabul in a pink Cadillac with Hefner babes in the backseat wearing burqas and a stash of coke in the glove box....? I think not.

Probably the most likely rat would be someone in the economic chain that keeps him armed and fed and informed, probably well out of wherever the hell the shithead actually is, smoking a big cigar. And the intelligence service - whoever they might be - would have to cultivate him and then offer him a deal he can't refuse...

As we talk about it, there's probably be a small legion of spooks who have spent most of a decade living under cover so deep they can't see daylight trying to facilitate this.