Saturday, March 14, 2009

Geek Cred: How Pwned Can One Old Man Get?

My latest back and forth with old man Jacobson continues in the update to the post further down the page, taking up the previous ongoing skirmish where the other McC left it hanging like so much loose, liver-spotted skin. Feel free to head on over to his senior rest center and talk some shit on my behalf if the mood grabs you. Now get off my lawn!


repsac3 said...

How pwned?:
Apparently very.

"Did you ever meet one of those people who have to have the last word? The people you just can't hang up on, because as you are putting the phone down you hear they still are talking? (Only people of my generation or older would know about that, because the Real World generation never used a real phone.)"

May I never get so old I feel the need to rag on the kids for "missing out" on the joys of a "real phone."

"Before I digress, please note that proper grammar requires an initial capitalization after a colon. Didn't they teach that to you in your Stanley Kaplan SAT review course?"

Yeah, that's what his lame "rule 4 whatchamacallit" was missing... Grammar copitude...

And then, there is the fact that Dr. Grammar says the old guy didn't even get it right, besides...

"And you were 3 when Star Wars came out. Did you watch it then, or only when you got Star Wars toys forced upon you? Perhaps you should have played with Legos and learned to build things and use your imagination."

"...when you got Star Wars toys forced upon you?" ?!? For a guy so bent up about grammar, that use of "got" rather than "had," while permissible, is mighty informal, and grates on many an ear, I'm sure.

And when did this become a question of anyone's intelligence or imagination? Looks to me like our lawyer friend is trying to change the subject, employing classic ad hominem--the heart of "rule 4," from what I've seen from these clowns--in the process.

"I don't stay up late on a Saturday night drafting posts about you,..."

or at all, more'n'likely...

"...but you posted your latest screed at 11:34 p.m. on Saturday, March 14, 2009, and posted a comment on my blog at 1:47 a.m. the next morning."

Not everyone has the 9:00 p.m. bedtime, sleepykins...

Also keep the time difference in mind... In CA, it was 8:34 p.m., and 10:47 p.m. I'd be willing to bet JBW even stayed up to watch SNL (or maybe butter some toast) afterward...

"What's the matter, can't sleep without thinking about me? Nothing better to do on a Saturday night than worry about me? And thanks for linking to my Cornell Law School bio page; are you having it framed and putting it over your computer for inspiration?"

What was that thing you were saying about narcissism on your blog? Get over yourself, Spanky... You ain't half the man you imagine yourself to be...

"And I don't keep checking your SiteMeter like you do mine (don't even think of denying it). But I thought you didn't judge your worth as a blogger based on hits. Hmm, having second thoughts? Call McCain when you get 30,000 visits, if you can remember next year."

You know, this is just the kinda guy who probably has a sitemeter counting the hits on his sitemeter page... All the better to keep that dick-sized ego stroked... ...and to brag some more about dick size, in the process...

Sorry... Not only don't we judge our worth by blog hits, we don't even judge your worth by blog hits. A trained monkey can get hits, as RSM so ably proves... Don't mean he can write, though... (I know, Grammerman... It's intentional... Put away your super hero cape.)

"And someone tell him I'm hanging up the phone."

Probably my favorite line... Because, of course, he doesn't... (See UPDATE)

No, try as he might, he just couldn't get JBW off his mind, I guess... (Didn't our friend William just accuse someone else of... ...Oh yeah... ...Nevermind... I'm sure it's all different when he does it... It always is...)

JBW said...

Thanks for alerting me, Reps. I'm walking out the door for the evening but I'll write up a post when I get back (and I'm stealing some of your generous fisking; seems only fair after you've purloined whole posts of mine for your esteemed site).

I just hope I can concentrate on the road with old man Jacobson occupying my mind so...This is fun. I love the Internet!